...Play from any device

Virtually all mobile devices and tablets are compatible. You can also play with your digital agent and from any browser.

...Play anywhere

In your house, at the office, at the school ... you decide where you want to play. greenYng is always with you.

...Play with your friends

Create teams with your friends and/or family, and play together in a cooperative way. Create teams to play in a leagues.

...Be an Influencer

Your actions may impact the policies of companies and government agencies. You just have to propose it !!

...Be sustainable

greenYng is a solution for intelligent recycling management. Help yourself and help your world. Donate or contribute to social causes.

...Be social

Your actions can help other people and initiatives. Share your achievements with others for greater goals.


greenYng is a new and refreshing concept of sharing economy, environmental commitment and smart waste management.

Among it's numerous features and scenarios covered, you'll find:

• Awesome new play field for recyclers

• Real time container monitoring

• Optimal resource planning for waste collectors

• Product consumption for retailers

• Government global view

• Help recycling correctly

• Teach new generations

• Social achievements


Jorge Gonzalez

Co-Founder, CEO

Born in Barcelona in 1969.
Concerned about the Global Goals, passionate and optimistic about digital transformation, defender of the continuous change and open to new economic and technological models.
Co-founder and promoter of the greenYng concept for an improvement in recycling and sustainability.
As CEO / CIO I will bring my vision to improvement eco-sustainability.

Raul Trenado

Co-Founder, COO

Born in Madrid in 1976.
Engineer, passionate about technology and digital transformation.
Co-founder and promoter of the greenYng concept for an improvement in recycling and sustainability.
As COO my duty is to address the challenges that arise in the operations, to find the appropriate solution for each situation.
"Do not look at us, join us!"



Cloud Platform


Container manufacturers

  • "We must make recycling a way of living"


    "Why we have not yet managed to match the habit of recycling to eating, making the bed...?"

  • "...Sustainability is simply about conducting ourselves – individually, in business, and as a civilized society – in a way that supports the people and planet which sustain us..."

    = ...Citizens....

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